About the Institute

Institute for Policy Research in Economics, Management and Socio Development (IPREMS)

Institute for Policy Research in Economics, Management and Socio Development (IPREMS), Berhampur, is an online-based research institution in the field of different Social Sciences. This institute aims at Multidisciplinary Research on issues relevant to India’s economic growth and social development. Research on various Economic issues, Social issues and very current situations of the economy are explored by the institute through different Academic Activities like seminars, conferences, workshops, Web-panel discussions, international and national webinars. Research is the creative and systematic effort for configuration of new knowledge and utilize of existing knowledge with analysis of previous research by different theoretical and methodological innovativeness, which will result in new and creative outcomes.    To fulfil these contemporary challenges, the Research Agendas of this Institute include emerging issues like Socio-Economic issues, different managerial issues and current burning topics. It also emphasises to undertake research and provide education in all fields of management, economic and social development for the betterment of Academicians, Research Scholars, and Students in different concerned areas.


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To encourage and undertake practical research projects in various areas of economics, management and social development.  To serve as a centre for promoting co-operative endeavour and interaction in research activities between Indian scholars and Institutions.  To carry out research, education and extension on the leading social and economic problems at national levels with the aim of providing feasible solutions for the betterment of economy.

Our Objectives

This Institution is a small initiative with the following objectives:

The foremost objective of the Institute is to endorse as well as carry out research on developmental issues relating to inter- disciplinary aspects of economic, management and social development.  It aims to establish close links with the Academicians, Research Scholars and students through various activities such as seminars, workshops, conferences, webinars and training and consultancy programmers.  Co-ordinate research activities and encourage programmers for interdisciplinary research. To collaborate with other agencies, institutions and organizations, including universities, colleges, management institutes and other institutes, for different academic and research activities.  To undertake projects or activities for economic development and social welfare. To establish fruitful contacts with other institutions and scholars engaged in social science research through collaborative research programmers and seminars.